THE CALIFORNIA DEER ASSOCIATION is a non-profit, tax-exempt wildlife conservation organization whose principal goal is to improve our California deer herds and other wildlife through direct financial support for habitat improvement and research projects. Seventy-five percent of the net profit from fundraising events goes to projects benefiting deer and other wildlife within California.

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More Project info is coming soon

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2018 Life Member Rifle Winners

Congratulations Life Members!! Our organization is so lucky to have members like the two of you! Want to become a Life Member? There are so many benefits for becoming a Life Member… You will receive the following.. DISCOUNTED TICKETS TO CDA EVENTS, LIFETIME MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION, CDA KUIU GUIDE JACKET, CDA LIFE MEMBER PLAQUE AND SILVER […]

Guzzler Work Party

Guzzlers provide water to wildlife across public lands and thanks to years of dedicated local volunteers these guzzlers provided reliable water critical during drought years.  Built for upland birds and big game management these guzzlers also provide clean water for numerous birds, mammals, and even pollinators. Bishop BLM and Inyo NF invite locals interested in helping with year round guzzler maintenance […]

Help Stop The Ban On Firearms In Raffles

California Assembly Member Chris R. Holden (D-41) recently introduced AB 3199 to prevent nonprofit organizations from including firearms in raffles. This legislation, as introduced, would have a significant impact on thousands of charitable organizations in California. All firearms used as raffle prizes must be transferred through a licensed firearms dealer and the winner is subject […]

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