The Big Chico Ecological Reserve contains 3,950 acres of diverse canyon and ridge habitats, including 4.5 miles of Big Chico Creek, and is home to many species of plants and animals. The BCCER is owned by the California State University, Chico, Research Foundation. As part of the purchase agreement for the BCCER, the Research Foundation has cooperatively developed a program with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to allow hunting on a limited permit basis. This program provides a unique opportunity to gain access to property that would otherwise be closed to the general public for hunting. Click RSVP to purchase hunt periods.


All hunters must have a valid California hunting license and appropriate tags for any hunt on the BCCER. This hunt lottery is for TRESPASS RIGHTS ONLY, and NOT a deer tag. 

Each hunter is allowed one application as the primary applicant per hunt period and may include 1 guest hunter and 1 Non-hunter guest. Primary applicant will be drawn for no more than one hunt period per season. Each entry is $10, all proceeds from the hunt go to habitat restoration efforts at the Reserve. If drawn, there will be an additional $50.00 per hunter trespass fee. Please, be aware that the primary applicant will be the primary contact and is responsible for all correspondence and paperwork for the hunt party.

Applications must be submitted no later than JULY 15, 2018, to be included in the drawing.

2018 Fall Deer Schedule 

A-1 Archery Hunt (18 Aug-2 Sept)
Period 1: 8/18-8/19 (Sat, Sun)
Period 2: 8/24-8/25 (Fri, Sat)

C-4 Rifle Hunt (9/15-9/30)
Period 1: 9/15-9/17 (Sat, Sun, Mon)
Period 2: 9/23-2/24 (Sun,Mon)
Period 3: 9/29-9/30 (Sat, Sun)

G-1 Rifle Hunt: 27 Oct-4 Nov (Saturday-Sunday)

 To purchase Hunt Periods, please, email Amy Luong at The following information is required, please, have ALL things listed before emailing. 

1.List the periods you want to put in for…

2.Primary Hunter: Name, Last Name, Mailing Address, Email, Phone Number and Payment Information (Card Number, Expiration Date, 3-Digit Code)  

3.Guest Hunter: Name, Last Name, Mailing Address, Email, and Phone Number 

4.Non-Hunter Guest: Name, Last Name, Mailing Address, Email and Phone Number