Help Stop The Ban On Firearms In Raffles

California Assembly Member Chris R. Holden (D-41) recently introduced AB 3199 to prevent nonprofit organizations from including firearms in raffles. This legislation, as introduced, would have a significant impact on thousands of charitable organizations in California. All firearms used as raffle prizes must be transferred through a licensed firearms dealer and the winner is subject to all state and federal laws (including a background check). For handguns, proof of a firearms safety certificate, a safe handling demonstration and a 10 day waiting period are required..
There is simply no valid reason for this bill. It will not address public safety in California. It will serve only to negatively impact the fund raising operations of thousands of California’s sportsmen organizations, schools, churches and other nonprofits.
AB 3117, as amended March 20, 2018, and should target Assembly Committee of Governmental Organization membership. See link below.