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March 18th, 2023

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Action Alert

VOTE “NO” ON AB 1227!
Please reach out to your representative in the California State Senate and urge them to vote “NO” on AB 1227
– legislation which would impose an additional 11% excise tax on the price of all long guns, firearm parts, and
ammunition and an additional excise tax of 10% on the price of all handguns – when the bill comes up for a
vote on the Senate Floor in the very near future.
➢ AB 1227 would unjustifiably place the burden of funding efforts to address illegal gun violence solely on the
backs of citizens who legally purchase and lawfully use firearms and ammunition.
➢ By substantially raising the cost of guns and ammunition, AB 1227 would disproportionately impact the ability of
the poor, and disadvantaged people of color to protect themselves and their loved ones and their equitable access
to hunting and shooting sports – at a time when the Administration and the Legislature are seeking to increase
participation in outdoor recreation and access for all Californians.
➢ All Californians benefit from programs, education, and research intended to reduce illegal gun violence, and all
Californians should help fund their implementation.
➢ AB 1227 would unjustifiably place an additional tax on firearms and ammunition when California has a
substantial budget surplus, and the state has just recently made a record $209 million in funding available for
programs intended to address illegal firearm violence.
➢ In addition to sales tax, lawful hunters and recreational shooters already pay an 11% excise tax on long guns,
ammunition, archery, and other hunting equipment as well as a 10% excise tax on handguns pursuant to federal
Pittman-Robertson Act (PR). But those dollars are allocated back to states to fund beneficial programs –
including wildlife habitat projects that benefit game and non-game species. This year alone, California was
allocated over $30 million in federal PR dollars – monies which will fund a large portion of our state’s wildlife
management, conservation, and research efforts.
➢ AB 1227 would double the excise tax law-abiding hunters and shooters already pay on all firearms and
ammunition – effectively raising the total tax rate on these items to nearly 30%.
➢ AB 1227 would reduce the sales of sporting arms and ammunition, resulting in a reduction in funding available
for wildlife habitat projects which benefit all Californians.
AB 1227 would do nothing to reduce criminal use of firearms but would inequitably impact California’s lawful
hunters, our wildlife, and their habitats, and disproportionately impact communities and Californians that are
economically challenged attempting to secure their safety by exercising their Second Amendment rights

BCCER Fall 2023 Deer Lottery Hunts

Application Deadline – August 1st, 2023 (Archery) September 1st (General/Late Season)

The Hunt Period schedule for the Fall Deer Season:

  Archery Deer Hunt Opener   August 19th   August 21st       A-1
  Archery Deer Hunt   August 25th   August 26th    A-1
  Archery Deer Hunt Closer   September 1st   September 2nd       A-1
  General Deer Hunt Opener   September 16th   September 18th       C-4
  General Deer Hunt   September 23rd   September 24th       C-4
  General Deer Hunt Closer   September 29th   September 30th    C-4
  Late-Season Buck Hunt—Period I   October 28th   October 31st   G-1
  Late-Season Buck Hunt—Period II   November 1st   November 5th      G-1



For Questions call Headquarters at (530) 232-0505
A $10 application fee will be required per hunt unit/date.

Winners are required to pay a $50 Trespass Fee.



CDA Work on Policy & Legislation

“Conserving California’s wildlife and habitat since 1996”

What California Deer Association is doing in Sacramento on behalf of its members:

  • Retention and utilization of highly effective lobbyist, Bill Gaines and Associates
  • Membership in the Hunting & Conservation Coalition to partner up with other NGO’s and their lobbyists to present an aligned front on issues of concern.
  • Research, identify and present qualified candidates, friendly to our conservation and hunting beliefs, to the Governor for consideration in filling Wildlife Commission seats.
  • Conduct and form partnerships on BOTH sides of the political aisle to enable us the ability to work with legislators to carry Senate and Assembly bills we want to present Developing rapport in order to apply pressure on bad legislation among their colleagues.
  • Keep our membership informed on important issues to our efforts through a quarterly article update in California Deer Magazine–authored by Bill Gaines.
  • Utilize our email list to notify and call our members to action. We attempt to collect every member email and we are actively seeking out that contact information for future use.
  • Testify in committee on behalf of our membership.
  • Present coalition signed opposition letters to committee members and legislators.
  • Work cooperatively with CA Department of Fish and Wildlife to identify issues and areas of concern that need our members support in their effort to manage California’s diverse wildlife populations.  Seek solutions that are helpful and supported by the department and the Fish and Wildlife Commission.
  • Research and present our views on the financial impact to the state finance committee as one of our most effective tools against bad legislation like SB 252-The Ban on Bear Hunting.

Conserving California’s wildlife by influencing policy and legislation

To DOWNLOAD a pdf version of this information–Click here

CLICK HERE– Help us Fight for good policy!


Scholarship Application

The California Deer Association has set up our scholarship program as a combination of academic recognition and financial assistance. This scholarship fund is a dual commitment on the part of the California Deer Association and the student, to pursue an education and career in the field of Resource Management or Wildlife Biology.