CDA Work on Policy & Legislation

“Conserving California’s wildlife and habitat since 1996”

What California Deer Association is doing in Sacramento on behalf of its members:

  • Retention and utilization of highly effective lobbyist, Bill Gaines and Associates
  • Membership in the Hunting & Conservation Coalition to partner up with other NGO’s and their lobbyists to present an aligned front on issues of concern.
  • Research, identify and present qualified candidates, friendly to our conservation and hunting beliefs, to the Governor for consideration in filling Wildlife Commission seats.
  • Conduct and form partnerships on BOTH sides of the political aisle to enable us the ability to work with legislators to carry Senate and Assembly bills we want to present Developing rapport in order to apply pressure on bad legislation among their colleagues.
  • Keep our membership informed on important issues to our efforts through a quarterly article update in California Deer Magazine–authored by Bill Gaines.
  • Utilize our email list to notify and call our members to action. We attempt to collect every member email and we are actively seeking out that contact information for future use.
  • Testify in committee on behalf of our membership.
  • Present coalition signed opposition letters to committee members and legislators.
  • Work cooperatively with CA Department of Fish and Wildlife to identify issues and areas of concern that need our members support in their effort to manage California’s diverse wildlife populations.  Seek solutions that are helpful and supported by the department and the Fish and Wildlife Commission.
  • Research and present our views on the financial impact to the state finance committee as one of our most effective tools against bad legislation like SB 252-The Ban on Bear Hunting.

Conserving California’s wildlife by influencing policy and legislation

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Legislation to Ban Bear Hunting – S.B. 252


Legislation to Ban Bear Hunting has been pulled from consideration by its author.

Quick, effective action by the California Deer Association, its members, and coordinated efforts by lobbyist Bill Gaines and Associates have stirred up enough opposition to cause Senator Scott Weiner, of San Francisco to pull his introduced Senate Bill 252 from consideration by his colleagues.

We still need your help to defend against this returning in the future!

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CDA Winning the Battle for Deer

Here is a recent article by Ryan Sabalow that ran in the Sacramento Bee Jan 26, 2021 that explains how the legislation was introduced:

Scholarship Application

The California Deer Association has set up our scholarship program as a combination of academic recognition and financial assistance. This scholarship fund is a dual commitment on the part of the California Deer Association and the student, to pursue an education and career in the field of Resource Management or Wildlife Biology.