Since 1996, CDA has used your contributions to enhance the health and population of California’s deer herds by supporting various habitat restoration projects throughout California. Browse through our current and upcoming projects for the most recent updates.


Critical deer habitat is adversely affected by California’s 35 million, and growing, population. Further encroachment causes a loss of wetlands, meadows, migration routes and forage. Your partnership assists us in conserving our ever shrinking natural resources by engaging in habitat restoration and improvement and land acquisitions to ensure the continued presence of our deer herds and other wildlife. Become a volunteer on a local project, today!!

Habitat Improvement

Our bylaws require us to set aside 75% of our net-profits for the support of projects and education efforts that improve habitat for our California deer herds.

Land Aqusition

Since 1996, millions of CDA dollars were “put on the ground” to improve critical deer habitat. In the coming years, we hope to not only enhance habitat, but acquire critical deer range to protect against development and allow greater opportunities for public hunting throughout California.